Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well, I didn't quite make it

Actually, didn’t come close. Not even a personal best. Sunday, I shot for 100 miles on a bicycle and completely bonked just past the 50-mile turnaround. Started having conversations with mythical creatures. At 65 miles I was done trying to rack up pride points. Just done. Toast. Hitched a ride on the sag wagon.
It was discouraging. My friends tell me to reframe it, that 65 miles is a big ride. This is true. It just wasn’t as big as I pulled off last year.

My husband told me for your first century, the stars need to align. It took him 5 or 6 tries to complete one. This was only my third. There will be another time.

The stars were out of kilter. It was a hard day. A lot of headwind on the way out. I was a little rundown and couldn't get comfortable on the bike. Life got in the way of my training schedule last month. My Dad’s 90th birthday was more important than a bike ride. 

I made mistakes. I was pressed for time and went out too hard at first. I didn’t take adequate breaks or eat enough on the way. I could have trained harder.

But I learned from it. I spent a day or two feeling sorry for myself, although the day-after hot stone massage went a long way in lifting my mood. Last night I was a beautiful evening, and I rode an easy 10-miler. It felt good to get back on the bike.


  1. 65 MILES??!!?? That's HUGE! I know you were aiming for 100, but 65 is a significant accomplishment. You should wear that proudly!

  2. Thanks, MB. :)

    It took me a day or two, but I'm seeing it as an accomplishment now, as well as an incentive to keep working at it.

  3. I came closest to hitting a century in my 3rd attempt at the MS150:

    In '09, Karen & I went back for another attempt; both of us had snagged "new-used" road bikes & once again Real Life had afforded us little time for training. Surprisingly enough, we knocked out 56 mi w/minimal effort before severe thunderstorms shut us down. It sold me on the virtues of a road bike!

    Reminds me to dust the lil' thing off, tune it up, & get out there...

  4. Keep trying mate, success is not far from you. Learned from your mistakes. Stay motivated and keep moving.

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